Hi, I'm Anita!

So, you’re looking for a kick ass wedding photographer? Someone you can be your true self around? A photographer who won’t tell you to stand awkwardly and smile for the camera, but who will actually make you laugh?

As a recent bride myself, I totally understand all the ups and downs that can come along with planning your dream wedding. As your photographer, I’m your sidekick for the day, and will be here whenever you need me with unlimited advice, timetable help and vendor recommendations.

Born in New Zealand, I grew up on the Sunshine Coast (These days I live in Brisbane with my husband Joel, and our daughter Lu) and, inspired by adventures in nature with my family, I picked up my first camera in 2007. By 2010 I was professionally photographing weddings, portraits and events. In 2017, after a few years focusing on my relationship, travelling, and the launch of my side project as a floral designer, I turned my focus back to the lens; my true calling and passion. Capturing authentic emotions and fleeting moments between loved up souls, while injecting as much laughter and good vibes as possible.

Ready to make some magic? Drop me a line via my contact page x